About Us

CCFM On Air was the brainchild of Cabin Crew member Deborah Henley and former cabin crew turned actor and radio presenter Del Willden. They recognised that the airline crew of the world are a totally unique community and live very complex lives. Juggling work life balance when spending so much time away from home. Airline crew very rarely get public holidays off, weekends blend into any other day and family events can be a logistical nightmare to arrange. With all this in mind we felt there was a need to have something geared towards them and their lifestyles.

The Coronavirus pandemic that has brought the airline industry to its knees was something nobody could have ever expected or imagined. With crew around the world in turmoil we felt again that we could be a support. Playing popular music and having presenters talking to you and your community could be just what is needed during these uncertain times.

What better way to bring this community together than their very own radio station. Something they can take away with them and feel connected 24/7 365 day of the year. Every crew member will have some sort of device with them when away with work to be able to listen to their very own radio station. CCFM On Air offers a range of shows, unlike main stream radio stations CCFM On Air don’t have time related shows like a breakfast, drive or evening show. We recognise that one person’s breakfast time would be another’s dinner time. We designed our shows around airline crew terminology and processes, i.e. The Briefing Room, Crew Rest, Galley FM, Final Approach and The Cruise. All our station imaging sounds are crew related too with sweepers like ‘Cabin Crew Seat’s For Take Off’ ‘V1 Rotate’ ‘Doors To Automatic And Cross Check’ to name a few.

Our playlist is aimed towards a wide range of ages, it mixes the old with the new. Because of the vast age range amongst the world’s crew we didn’t want to target one specific age. We have a mix of presenters from cabin crew to actors, radio presenters and TV personalities. They have all been briefed on crew life and the hurdles crew can face in their day to day lives. We even have onboard an amazing psychologist Emma Kenny, we felt that it’s important for crew to have someone they could make contact with if they have a problem.

Our Air Hosts & Hostesses

Mikey Scott

Our Captains

Del Willden

Programme Director

Sue Redmond

Head of PR

Jason Hardy

Captain of Music